Under employment exchanges Mandatory Notification of Vacancies 1959, All public employers; The employed private sector should inform the vacancies under employment exchanges in their establishment for 25 or more employees whose authority falls in their jurisdiction. However, any employer in the private sector can avail the services of the employment exchanges even after the number of their employees.

Submission : -
Based on the requisite qualifications and experience specified by the employer, on the basis of seniority of registration, employment centers presented the candidates to the candidates in the public sector to the candidates

However, in case of employer in the private sector, there is no condition of seniority of registration. Employers can scrutinize the database of candidates and can choose any candidate according to their needs. Employment Exchange provides free services to candidates and employers.

Advertised Vacancies:
The employment officers of the area have scrutinized daily newspapers and have notified applicants registered about the vacancies and competitive examinations registered by the advertisers so that they can apply for such exams / vacancies at the time. Due to the lack of access to modern information technology facilities, special emphasis has been given to the applicants living in rural areas.

It is for general public information that the website

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