Candidates can visit the DBEEs to register themselves and avail the facilities of Employment Generation, Skill Development and Training Department, Punjab

Registration :Any applicant who is a resident of Punjab can get his/her name registered with District Bureau of Employment and Enterprises (DBEE) on his local address provided he/she is not already registered with any other Employment Exchange. The applicants are required to produce original certificates in support of their qualifications/experience etc. at the time of registration and they are to come in person (for manual registration). The Registration Card is provided by the DBEE at the time of registration .The applicant is interviewed by the head of the Office who provides registration guidance and allots him occupation for which he/she is eligible as per his/her qualifications. 

Renewal of Registration :Applicants are required to get their card renewed after every one year in the month in which it is due for renewal. The month in which X-1 card is to be renewed is given on the X-10 card which is given to the applicants at the time of registration. A grace period of one month is also given to the applicant for getting his/her card renewed. The applicant can get his/her card renewed either in person or by post/mail. Applicants who fail to get their cards renewed during the stipulated time, their index cards are removed from the Live Register

To register online through the PGRKAM portal, click here :-

To download X1 click here 

To download X-10 Click here


Last modified date : 12-08-2022
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